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September 14, 2010

Great Tips That You Can Follow In Making Your Own Funny Best Man Wedding Speech

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Funny best man speeches are the type of speeches that everybody recalls from a wedding day : folks look forward to them and like to giggle for a couple of minutes. But it can be hard coming up with the ideal best man wedding speech, and is the reason why I have put together 5 top pointers on the way to do it. Before I am getting started I need to remind you funny best man speeches are NOT meant to be vulgar. You have to keep in mind that relatives of every age will be there, and you do not need to piss off any person with your jokes. Now onto the tips.


1) Stand Up While You Speak

This just about does not need to be said, but it is vital that you are standing as you give the speech. Make sure you have everybody’s attention prior to starting when you stand up, folks will begin to quiet down.


2) Plan In Advance

Plan ahead and never try and just come up with a speech on the spot it just will not work. The best man’s speech is important, so try and start to work on it at least a couple of weeks before the wedding.


3) Keep On Practicing

It can be frightening talking in public, but the more that you practice your speech the more assured you will feel. And you won’t have to look down at your notes as frequently.


4) Do Not Make It Too Long

The best speeches are fast: they’re emotional but they don’t ramble on. Remember the day is about the bride and groom and not about you.


5) Keep It Clean

Like I said before, this is not the time to be rude or to bring up any wild offensive stories about you and the groom. You don’t want to upset the bride and groom. You only need to tell stories that will make them both happy. Keep in mind that funny best man speeches don’t need to be rude or long to have an effect!


Free best man speeches can actually help to get your creative energies flowing if you are feeling a bit stuck. If you are feeling especially twitchy about getting up there and talking in front of a large amount of folks, then a short and sweet toast may be for you. These are some free best man speech examples of that nature.


  1. Today we are here to celebrate all of the good you have found in each other: a lover, a best buddy, a playmate, a teacher, and a partner for life. Cheers!

  1. If things get hard, just remember how contented you were on this day, and always see each other how you see one another at this time. Best wishes to the bride and the groom!

  2. To love, laughter and a very content ever after!
  3. If you can find humor in whatever occurs in life, your lives will be full of joy. Congratulations!

  4. May your closeness and love grow each day you are together.
  5. As you proceed through life, remember that being together makes everything worth it. Congratulations!


Use these free best man speeches either for a quick toast or as an addition to the toast you are already writing. Keep all of these tips in mind, and you’re guaranteed to come up with a great best man wedding speech!


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