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November 25, 2009

Free Reverse Phone Look Up Sites: Are They Real?

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You have searched everywhere on the Internet, thinking if there’s such a thing as a free reverse phone look up site. You have probably even bumped into the websites that say they offer free mobile phone reverse number lookups, but they would then charge you for the results.

The Short Answer

The short answer to your question is NO. As I mentioned before, there are many different sites that claim to offer free cell phone reverse lookups, but then want to charge you for the results.

So Why are There No Free Sites Available?

Simply put, these reverse phone number directories must pay a fee to the mobile phone companies in order to obtain large lists of people and their information. In order to make this information available to you, they must charge a minimal fee to cover their costs.

What about the Free Reverse Phone Lookup sites?

There are reverse phone lookup directories on the net that are free, but this is only for land line or listed phone numbers. Unfortunately for us, many land line numbers are unlisted, and the majority of cell phone numbers as well. Imagine if telemarketers and businesses had access to your cell phone information? With good reason, our mobile phone numbers remain private in most cases.

How much will it cost me?

Reverse cell phone lookup directories often have at least two fee structures. One fee will cover the cost of one search, usually about $13-$14. You can also choose to pay a one-time fee, usually between $38-$40, to gain unlimited access to the database and unlimited searches. It’s well worth it to get the unlimited access, in case you need to lookup any phone numbers in the future.

With the rising demands of using a mobile phone, there will come a day when someone texts you or calls you, and you won’t know who it is. You can call them and ask a complete stranger why they gave you a call, or you could easily hop on the computer and then look them up through reverse phone look up services. For me, I’d rather look them up and save myself from hassles and embarrassments.

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