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October 14, 2009

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Writing Your Article

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Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Writing Your Article

When you start to write your articles, the first thing is to create a hard-hitting title that includes your primary keyword phrase. The importance of your article title should not be underestimated, because it is based on the title that most people will use to make the decision of whether to read it or not.

Understand that when anyone sees your article title, consciously or not they want you to answer the question Whats in it for me? and they want you to provide the answer as quickly as possible. If you dont, then they will probably never get any further than glancing at your title.

It is for this reason that many experienced article marketers recommend that you should spend up to 50% of your time creating a knock their socks off article title. In other words, boring titles are the quickest way of killing the effectiveness of even the greatest of articles. (Check out this site on how to sell a website at

One extremely effective way of creating killer titles is to use questions. Try to come up with something like this for your own market:

Want to shed weight in 5 days? Try these Secret weight loss remedies and never feel ashamed again!
Is your partner messing around? Discover the 4 ways that you can know for sure and get rid of the doubt NOW!

Its a very simple formula a question followed by a benefit.

Another way of creating an effective title is to be a very precise about the information you are offering in your article:

Discover the 4 simple steps that net me $6739.54 every week!
Precision of this nature implies that the information has been accurately recorded, which in turn suggests that there must be some truth to what youre saying.

Write your article by following the AIDA principle, and make sure that you do so from the very first word of the title.

First, you need to attract the Attention of your reader (hence the way the titles were written as attention grabbers, pure and simple):
Next, you have to get them Interested in whatever it is you have to offer:
Third, give them good reasons why they should Desire what you offer and
Finally, tell them to take Action. (For more detailed information on flipping websites as a way to make money on the internet.)

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