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November 3, 2009

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Social Bookmarking

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Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Social Bookmarking

Over the past couple of years, social bookmarking has become an increasingly important feature of the internet as more and more people choose to become members of the major social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

Doing so gives them the ability to bookmark sites, news stories and articles that they like so that other members of the site who have similar interests can view the same information themselves. Because the whole thing works on a digital version of word-of-mouth recommendation, the most popular stories and articles can very quickly be promoted to the homepage of the social site in question, and when that happens, you can expect to see thousands of visitors in the following 24 to 48 hour period. (You’ll find great information here about how to flip websites for profit.)

The majority of this traffic is likely to be temporary, but even if you can only retain a small percentage of these people as regular visitors, this will give your site a significant long-term traffic boost.

In order to score highly with a social networking site, the content that you submit must have something different or unusual about it. Whether it is controversial, challenging, humorous or unnerving, it has to be something out of the ordinary to be remarkable enough for people to vote for it.

In truth however, it is always hard to be an objective judge of your own content. You should always submit a bookmark to the social sites every time you publish new content anywhere on the web, whether it is something that you have added to your own site, an article that you have added to the directories, a video that has just been published on YouTube or whatever else it might be.

As there are with video networking sites, there are hundreds of social bookmarking resources, and it would be impossible to submit your information to each of them every time you publish something new. (Check out this site on how to sell a website at

However, you can cover a significant number of the major social bookmarking sites by using the services of OnlyWire, which at the time of writing will submit your social bookmark to 27 of the leading sites:

While in theory your story or article could land on the homepage of a site like Digg and drive 20,000 visitors to your site in the following 48 hours, the chances of it happening are slim.

Nevertheless, submitting your information to the social bookmarking sites is important, because every time you have something published by any social site, you create a one-way incoming back link to wherever that particular submission is linked.

This is an effective way of building a link network ultimately focused on your site, and this in itself justifies the effort of submitting your information to the social sites every time you publish.

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