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October 29, 2009

On-page Search Engine Optimization

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On-page Search Engine Optimization

Probably the most important aspect of on-page optimization is the domain name that you choose for your site. It must fulfill certain criteria, such as:

Are your business activities accurately represented by that domain name?
Is it a name that will be easy for your prospects and customers to remember?
Does it contain at least one of your main keyword phrases?

Wherever possible, the domain name that headlines your business should satisfy all three of these requirements.

For example, if your online business sells green widgets, then your domain name should be if possible. (For great information on flipping websites for making money on the internet.)

However, there may be times when you already have a domain name registered that is appropriate to your business, but not particularly product relevant. In this case, make sure that the html file name is relevant to that product. As an example, if you already owned and you have just launched a brand new range of orange widgets, then the page on your site where those widgets are advertised should be
This is not as strong as having a completely focused domain name but it will help the small software robots (spiders) that the search engines send out to survey new web pages, to understand what your page is about. (You’ll find great information here about how to flip websites for profit.)

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