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December 7, 2010

Golf Articles: Golf Fitness Program Of Today

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Golf specific fitness is not just for tour players any more. Any golfer can tune their body to improve performance by following a golf specific coaching program. Obviously the average recreational golfer does not have the money or time a tour player has to speculate in a hi tech home gym or spend ages each day working out, but a little work using tips from golf fitness articles or other trusty resources will go a great distance.


Have you seen some of the tour players recently? There are definitely more slim and trim PGA and LPGA players out there than 20 years back. Just look at Tiger Woods, Camilo Villegas, Annika Sorenstam and Natalie Gulbis. These golfers take their fitness routines seriously and they have the success to show it creates a difference.


With the coming of many technical advances in golf clobber one might believe the average handicap in the last 15-20 years would have dropped exactly. The truth is there was nominal if any change in the average US citizen golfer’s handicap. The clubs don’t swing themselves ; leading edge technology still needs a human body. The most critical piece of kit you own is your body and to maximize your golf performance potential, you need to strongly consider coaching it for golf specific movements.

A golf fitness program ought to have a variety of variables, which make an all-encompassing plan to increase your overall golf performance. When I say improve I mean your improved capability to safely make a dynamic swing that is biomechanically sound, that might avoid potential injury and give you maximal distance with each club. A sound basic golf fitness program ( like the physical therapy in Bend, Or ) will incorporate exercises to lift suppleness, strength and balance.

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