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October 13, 2010

Starting Your Herb Garden Right: Getting Rid Of Garden Slugs

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Garden slug belong to the big group of animals called the mollusks. It is really no more and no less than a snail that has just about or quite lost its shell. Naturally garden slug can be an annoying pest for any person who is starting herb garden. But we must remember that there are advantages for the environment from them.


Garden slug is able to re-grow its head, hermaphroditic and the slime trail it leaves is a suggestion of its presence. Early in the morning this trail may appear as silver streaks on the plant surface, but as the day advances it dries out and becomes less tangible. A garden slug’s eggs can lie solemn and dormant for years without being turned on. however it may be controlled with less-toxic strategies and products like trapping and baiting with pellets and hand cropping.


Hand picking emerges as the most well liked system of picking slugs while it might be quite knackering. So here is how you start : lay boards, overturned herb gardening pots and grapefruit halves spent in the garden soil, before dusk. And also adding some drops of liquid dish soap to water and resting the handpicked garden slug in it too would work. Then they can be recycled into your garden pond as fish food or offered to the birds.


Garden slugs are commonly called aggravating pests, but they’re caught red handed rarely because they begin coming out at night. When they’re out, they generally hide in dark and clammy places ,eg in underground spaces underneath pots. Another popular way of hunting garden slugs is the lager trap. By making a puny coffee brew with ground coffee and water and spraying the plants too work and most generally called the coffee spray.


When it comes to the chemical strategies ; mixing one part Ammonia to six parts water is a good solution for murdering garden slugs. Metaldehyde which is originally sold as a solid fuel is one of best methods to control the garden slug and Methiocarb is the very next thing which is 10 times more lethal to mammals than Metaldehyde. If you have got to use chemicals to kill garden slugs, it is better to use Metaldehyde and for commercial and successful results, use it parsimoniously. Iron phosphate is often known as quite green though it’s an insecticide. It has shown no toxicity for mammals, fish, birds, earthworms and beetles if applied as specified in the correct instructions.


It’s warranted that garden slugs are known to stop feeding afterwhich they die inside three to six days on consuming iron phosphate laced bait. In starting your herb garden, it is a must to govern the garden slug if you would like to see healthy, uneaten plants in your garden. But it’s much better if you can use chemicals only as a final resort. 


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